renew. pay. pickup the same day.renew. pay. pickup the same day.
When completing an online renewal transaction, select the “Pick up at a tax collector office location”!  The renewal will be printed, at the office of your choice, and will be available for pick up the same day, next day, or even 3 days from time of renewal!   
Fast.  Easy.  No convenience fees with e-check transactions!!
  • RENEW online before 3:00 pm for same day pickup. Renewals paid after 3:00 p.m. can be picked up the next business day. No appointment required!
  • You should expect two emails: The first confirming your payment and the second to let you know when your registration is ready for pick up.
  • When you receive the READY for PICK UP email, go to the location, park in the designated RENEWAL EXPRESS PARKING spot, and visit the customer check-in desk. Express renewals are usually processed within an hour and ready for pickup!
  • Please note, if someone else will be picking up your registration renewal, you MUST list their name when you complete the online transaction. Otherwise, only the listed owner(s) will be able to pick up the registration.
  • Show your photo ID and you’re ready to go!