DeedExpress® – Online tax deed application processing
The Brevard County Tax Collector uses Grant Street Group’s DeedExpress® site to offer online
downloading of estimates and application and payment for tax deeds.
To access the site, go to:

Current LienExpress® or DeedExpress® Users
If you already have an account with LienExpress® or DeedExpress® for a different county, you can use the same login information to access the DeedExpress® site for Brevard County. You will be able to add your bidder number(s) for Brevard County once you log in.

New DeedExpress® Users
If you will be using DeedExpress® for the first time this year, go to DeedExpress® and click the register link. This will let you create a new account on the site. Once your account is created you will be able to add your bidder number(s) for Brevard County.
Some of the key features of DeedExpress® include:

Ability to quickly get estimates for issued certificates, as of current or future dates
Online submission of certificates to surrender for deed application
Online payment of deed applications
Online refund requests
E-mail notifications when important actions are completed on DeedExpress®
Electronic signing of DR-512 forms

We are confident you will find that using this online service offers significant advantages in tax deed application processing.